The seasons are changing and spring has come. Soon summer will be here and that comes with warmer weather.

If you are more of the prepping type, these tips will help save you time and money if your HVAC system decides to crap out on you.

  1. Schedule an AC tune-up – First and foremost I personally would schedule a spring tune up for your air conditioning unit. Inevitably, we would miss something trying to make everything right with our heating and cooling units so having a professional come in to take care of the job first just seems best practice to me. Afterwards, we can perform and keep an eye on some of the following to help maintain.
  2. Change Your Filter – The filter is located (a majority of the time) by the furnace. This keeps all of the dirt, debris, and other junk out of your system which can cause issues in the long run. Find your furnace size when the technician is there or it should be located on the filter itself. You can pick up replacements at your local hardware or department store. Good practice is to change your filter ever few months.
  3. Install a “Fancy” AKA Smart Thermostat – With the new thermostats you are able to schedule what your system is actually doing during different times of the day. For instance, if you are going to be gone a certain time of day, you may want to have the house set to a warmer temperature so that the AC unit is not overworked.
  4. Check Thermostat Batteries – This is an all too common issue. We will not rant on this one but check your batteries to your thermostat to ensure they are still working.
  5. Keep Outside Unit Tidy – Now I am not saying you need to be out daily with the feather duster, cleaning off the air conditioner but, make sure there are not things blocking the unit or any plants growing to overtake the AC into something from “The Little Shop of Horrors”. An obstructed AC unit can cause different issues that are easily preventable.

These are just a few things that you can keep a lookout for during the shift in the seasons to help with some preventative maintenance. This post was brought to you by 

If you have any questions or concerns about your heating and cooling system feel free to reach out to them as they are an expert in the industry.

Emergency Heat – this term seems frightening, but what does it truly mean?

Emergency Heat, also referred to as Auxiliary Heat, is what your thermostat utilizes if the temperature is too cold for the heat pump to remove heat from the exterior. The outside temperature that typically activates the Emergency Heating setting to turn is 35°F and beneath that.

Now that we understand what Emergency Heat is, it’s important to comprehend how it works and when it’s acceptable to utilize it. In order to genuinely understand how E-Heat functions. It’s essential to understand the way the heat pump works. A heat pump is a bit of gear which operates exactly like a air conditioner in cooling but, in heating mode, the air flow is reversed and the heat is extracted from the external air to heat your house.” A heat pump is the supply of secondary heating and is normally electrical, even though it can be gas or oil as well. Electric second phase heat is located in the form of coils inside a air handler; whereas gas or oil heating is attached into your own furnace. Many men and women think that if it becomes really cold outside, it’s crucial to turn their Emergency Heat setting on, however this is not correct. The only time someone should manually turn on the Emergency Heating setting is when there is a issue with your heating pump. For instance, if there is physical harm to the outside unit or when a heating pump continues to freeze or short out. You would then activate your emergency heat from the thermostat, which in most cases will stop using your gas and convert over to using 100% electricity to heat your home.

If you ever find yourself needing to manually turn on the Emergency Heating setting, it’s probably a good idea to call and follow up with your local heating and cooling company straight away as there might be problems with your system which need immediate care. Not only is it inefficient to warm your house exclusively this way, but it’s not cost effective either.

There are many benefits of having a heat pump and if you do not have one and are a homeowner, you should consider getting one in the near future. If you do, be sure to talk with an experienced HVAC company as there are phase-outs of refrigeration that will be happening in the immediate future.

Top Reasons for Ac Tune-ups

Approaching the warm weather in the upcoming months and I wanted to touch on getting your air conditioner tuned up. A majority of us have cars and some of us show more love to them than others do. Fluid checks, oil changes, things replaced, and so on just to name a few. We often forget to have a tune up done to our air conditioner prior to the spring season. Your vehicles are nice and all, but you do not live in the car. Preparing for the hot summer days is crucial to keeping everyone cool in the home.

Getting the appointment

Scheduling an actual appointment to have your ac looked at can be more difficult than you think. In peak season and the warmer the weather gets, HVAC contractors will begin to be more booked up and may not be able to tend to your needs as timely as you would like. Having your pre season checkup is not only great to secure the appointment but can save you in mid summer from needing to call a technician for air conditioner repairs.

Better Efficiency

The longer you go with your ac unattended to, the more filth will build up making your ac have to work double time to produce good results. Having a tune up done to your ac unit will maximize the efficiency of your system and help cut cost on energy bills.

Preventative Maintenance

When scheduling your tune up it could be the most cost effective thing you have done in a while. Not only by saving you money making your system more efficient, but doing a little PM work as well. A certified technician is going to be able to tell you any issues he sees with your system and give you the next proper steps in fixing them. Repairs are way less costly than replacing an entire air conditioning unit. Im sure you would smile about a $300 bill than one that could add another zero to the end 6 months down the road. Do not be nervous to invest money into the equipment of you home that stay out of the mind.

Is your electrical panel labeled properly?

If your panel is not properly marked up it may be in your best benefit to do so. Watch the video below for an overview on a properly labeled panel.


Now lets go over some of the key points of the video.

  1. Electrical Meter – This is the circular glass enclosed meter that the power company can read to take reading on your home and the electrical usage.
  2. Single Pull Breakers – All are 120 volts. More than likely you will have two different sizes on the single pull. 15 amp & 20 amp. The 15 amp breakers are generally for your lighting and other power receptacles in your home and hallways. You 20 amp breakers are more for your appliances such as your dishwasher, freezers and microwaves.
  3. Double Pull Breakers – All 240 volts. These are for major appliances such as your dryer, stove, air conditioning unit.
  4. Main Breaker – Shuts off all power for the electrical panel


Make sure you label your circuit breakers for in the instance you need to have power shut off to a particular area or appliance. You can do this by being on the phone and communicating when the power shuts off and on with the corresponding breaker.

Make sure you power cords that come out of each breaker are secure and not loose. You can give these a small touch or wiggle as shown in the video to make sure your connections are tight. This is the number one cause of an issue is a loose connection. Black wires are power for your single pull 120 volt. A combination of black and red wires are for your double pull 240 volt breakers. White wires are your neutrals. Bare copper wires are your ground wires. Neutral and ground wires come together. If you are uncomfortable with looking at and knowing how to handle your electrical panel it is recommended to consult a professional electrician like the ones at

In the case of an emergency, it is also good to let your kids know and understand how to look at a properly labeled panel to be able to shut down power in the case of a fire or other emergency situation.

Hiding your Air Conditioning Unit

In our area of the country the spring and summer seasons are approaching. You may need to have service done to your air conditioning unit before the warm weather comes. You also may already have an AC unit outside and you just hate looking at it.

Lets face it, some units just do not look appealing to the eye outside and you need to take matters into your own hands to make it. There are a number of different ways to do this just look on Pinterest – LOL! I am going to go over my favorite which is a very simple.

I say simple becuase it is, but you do need the appropriate tools and knowledge. Anyone is able to make this will a little bit of determination.

Simple HVAC trick for your backyard space

The simple fix is to make an enclosure around your air conditioning unit. This can be made with simple wood materials from your local hardware store. Here is a picture example below.

Now this is just one option. As you see in the above image, the air conditioner is not completely enclosed. This option is not only less time consuming and less work but, it can also serve the purpose if you are only needing to hide you AC from a certain angle. Now lets look at another option that is totally enclosed.

This way does have more intensive work to be done. There are different ways of going about this though as you see both photos are completely different styles. If you plan out how you want your enclosure to look, the hardware store should be more than willing to cut your wood however you see fit. This is amazing if you do not have all the power tools to make the cuts yourself. The first photo was made more with paneling and the second with lattice if I am correct. Which ever way you go about hiding and covering your unit to make it look better on your property, any means you take will be simple once you have your plan of attack and style you are happy with.


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Luxury Carpet

Ponder on the moment you first lay your feet on the floor every morning.  That inviting touch on the bottoms of your feet is a perfect start to your day.
The times you and your kids are sprawled out on the floor playing games on the softest flooring you’ve ever lied down on.  Your newborns first steps that will undoubtedly end in a tumble to the ground.  And think about the colors and textures that will be a part of your every day activities that happen in your home.

Benefits of Carpet

Carpet is a valuable part of our living areas.  And even though the beauty of other flooring like hardwood, laminate, tile, and so on are amazing, we also know and love all the great benefits of carpet.  Here are a few:

Elegant, Luxury Comfort – Having a premium carpet in your home is a place that is loved to sit, work, and play.

Warm Soothe – You will feel the soothing warmth of each step…especially the first step out of bed each morning.  You’ll also feel the general, inviting, intangible warmth that a room with carpet provides.

Amazing Design – Carpet can be a major impact to a room. There are many stunning designs and textures to choose from when having carpet in your home that can make an area pop like nothing else can.

Infinite Colors – Color options are basically endless when it comes to what YOU want. Being able to express your “true colors” is not a problem when it comes the the design and layout of your home with carpet.

Helps you Breathe Easier – There have been multiple case studies that are scientifically backed with the power of carpet and the effect is has on the air quality in your home. You may look more into this is you feel but the facts are spelled out everywhere online. Carpet in your home leads to a healthier way of life.

Helps Impacts of Slips and Falls – No matter your age – young or old – carpet does help with the impact you take when having a stumble or fall to the floor. Not only does it help with falls but it also prevents slips that lead to falls that hardwood floors cannot.

Reduces Noise – With traffic of guest, kids, and pets, carpet softens the noise produced by walking. We all enjoy our peace and quite, right?

Durability – With the cutting edge technology in today’s society, carpet is at its max durability for homes that have a lot of traffic in them.

Carpet is a great investment in any home and with all the new ways to look and feel carpet, having it installed has never been better than now.


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